About Us

We're a company with a long history (since 1962) of doing great things for our customers and local Idaho community.

Our Management Team

Meet our talented management team with decades of IT, voice, and networking experience. Hover over their image to see their favorite GIF!

Ben Tiggelaar

CEO, Owner

Jason Richardson

VP of Operations

Kelli Teesdale

Customer Experience Director

Randy Kerr

Twin Falls Operations Manager

Shane Adams

Managed IT Director

Core Values

At DataTel, our core values are more than just ideals—they define who we are and guide our decisions. They aren’t aspirational; they represent the qualities our top performers exhibit at all times.

We integrate these values into every aspect of our operations, from hiring to performance evaluations, ensuring that they resonate through our actions and relationships. They’re why our customers not only choose us but also continue to trust us as a steadfast partner.

Help First

Our foremost goal is to serve our customers exceptionally. Everything else is just details. Customers rely on us when they face challenges or need expert advice. We're committed to hands-on solutions and are never afraid to dive into the trenches to get the job done.

Do What You Say You're Going to Do

We build trust by consistently following through on our commitments. Our reliability is our strength—especially when our customers need us most. Should challenges arise, we prioritize clear and effective communication to navigate through them.

Find a Way to Say Yes

Our outlook is positive, and our approach is solution-oriented. We are relentless in our pursuit of the best outcomes for our customers, always looking to affirm rather than deny.

Work Smart

Efficiency drives us. By focusing on process improvement, we enhance our productivity and achieve superior results. We carefully consider how we allocate our time, ensuring that every minute adds value to our mission.

Technology is only as good as the person who manages it. Our people, core values, and culture is at the core of what makes us special.